Down to Earth Tree Care has been operating in the Melbourne area for approximately five years now. Our team consists of Certified Arborists, and we specialise in matters of tree care and tree removal—including tree pruning, tree removal and stump removal.

Our goal is to provide both advice and active tree care procedures on a higher level than other arborists in the Melbourne area. Our team includes a member of the Victoria Tree Industry Organisation (or VTIO), which helps us stay aware of and compliant with all relevant Australian Standards on tree pruning and removal. Our other team members are just as knowledgeable, with our industry experience going back a decade.

Since we opened our doors five years ago, Down to Earth Tree Care has worked with countless businesses and individuals—both in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We work extensively in metropolitan Melbourne, as well as in residential suburbs and rural zones. There is no project too large or difficult for us to handle.

For instance, in the wake of the Black Saturday fires, we played a key role in the risk assessment and removal of fire damaged trees. We also do a considerable amount of work in the wake of storms and other emergencies and are always available if you have tree removal needs that can’t wait.

In most situations, our arborists will try to salvage trees and keep them alive. However, if it turns out that a tree does require removal, we won’t waste it. At Down to Earth Tree Care, we pride ourselves on recycling and reusing removed trees as much as possible. Through the creation of milled timber, firewood and mulch, we can make sure that no tree goes to waste.