The Benefits of Hiring an Arborist in Croydon for Stump Grinding

You’ve recently removed a tree from your backyard, or had one come down in a storm. In any case, the main pieces of the tree have been sawed up and stacked as firewood, or hauled away to be turned into timber or mulch. All that remains of the once majestic tree is a small but noticeable stump.

At Down to Earth Tree Care, our arborists in Croydon offer stump grinding services, to help you remove these unwelcome reminders from your yard. Here are a few of the top benefits to stump grinding, and why you should pursue it immediately after having a tree removed.

  • Stumps are ugly: Plain and simple, stumps are ugly. They have none of the aesthetic appeal of trees but still get in the way when you are out weeding or mowing the lawn. Stump grinding can give you a chance to free up that space and use it for something more attractive.
  • Stumps are tripping hazards: Kids playing in the backyard can easily trip over a stray stump and hurt themselves. The same is true for family members walking from the house to a backyard firepit when it’s dark outside. At Down to Earth Tree Care, our arborists in Croydon can remove that tripping hazard quickly and make your yard just a bit safer.
  • Stumps are a nesting ground for pests: The worst thing about stumps is that they give termites or other pests an ideal place to nest. Naturally, you don’t want these unwelcome visitors anywhere near your home or your other trees. Stump grinding can remove the hazard before the bugs ever move in.

Are you interested in Down to Earth’s stump grinding services? Call our arborist team in Croydon on 0407 561 675 to learn more.