How to Avoid Unqualified ‘Tree Loppers’ When Hiring an Arborist in Ringwood

You are in the process of searching for an arborist in Ringwood to inspect a few trees on your property. You are worried that the trees might be hazardous and want to engage the services of a professional to look at the tree and determine whether pruning or removal might be necessary. There is only one problem: there are a lot of arborists to choose from.

Unfortunately, not all of these arborists are created equal. On the contrary, the industry is flooded with a slew of unqualified ‘tree loppers’—arborists who aren’t qualified or well-trained and who are ill-equipped to provide the advice you need on your trees. If you have ever read about arborists who cut down healthy trees or cause property damage during a tree pruning job, you were reading about these companies.

At Down to Earth Tree Care, our arborists in Ringwood are experienced, trained, insured and compliant with all Australian Standards. We can also provide you with a free inspection and service quote for your trees.

If you want to consider other arborists, you are of course at liberty to do so. If you do, it is a good idea to ask a lot of questions. Ask about insurance and experience. Ask about the company’s familiarity with Australian Standards on tree pruning, and whether or not they have anyone on staff who is a member of the Victoria Tree Industry Organisation (or VTIO). Posing these questions in addition to comparing price quotes will help you tell the experienced arborists from the reckless and dangerous tree loppers.