When to Call an Arborist about a Tree on Your Ringwood Property

When is it time to call an arborist in Ringwood for help or guidance with a tree on your property? Many homeowners are not familiar enough with what arborists do to know the correct answer to this question, and for good reason. Usually, we think of trees as robust and unchanging. A tree can grow on your property for generations without showing any clear signs of age or decay. Unfortunately, though, when a tree does reach the later part of its life, it can pose a risk to your home and your personal safety. Knowing when to call an arborist for help with a dying tree is vital to avoiding damage or injury.

When you contact an arborist in Ringwood, you are just engaging the support and services of a person who is trained in tree health and care. If you aren’t sure about the health of a tree in your garden, an arborist is the right person to call for a professional opinion. An arborist can perform tests on the tree, the surrounding soil and various other factors to determine the health of the tree. With this information on record, the arborist can then recommend the best course of action for going forward.

Numerous signs can point to an ailing tree. Are the leaves discoloured or otherwise visually abnormal? Do the branches or leaves at the top of the tree look dead? Is there fungus growing around the roots of the tree? Does the bark look cracked or unhealthy? Is the tree following abnormal cyclical trends—either with buds and leaves appearing later in the spring than usual or with leaves falling earlier than they should? An answer of ‘yes’ to any or several of these questions indicates poor tree health and demands a call to an arborist.

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