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Trees are a beautiful and important part of your property, but as with any natural element of your landscaping, can be subject to serious problems. A dead or dying tree can be an eyesore, and can pose a health problem to …read more .

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A dead, decaying, or otherwise damaged tree can pose a big problem to your property. They can be a major safety hazard, especially in the case of larger branches or trunks that are in danger of falling or …read more .

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It can be difficult to know what exactly to do about the trees on your property. Not everybody is knowledgeable when it comes to these types of landscaping services, especially when there seems to be a major problem such as …read more .

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Trees are an incredibly beautiful natural element of any property. However, as with any natural element, they can be subject to problems such as disease, decay, or death. Many individuals are unsure what they …read more .

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If you recently went through an intense lightning storm, and one or more of your the trees in your yard were struck by lightning, then you might benefit from …read more .

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Trees in your back or front yard can add beautiful touches to your home’s scenery. However, having too many trees or trees blocking your windows can impact your …read more .

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Tree care is a very complicated and delicate outdoor task. Calling a certified landscaper or tree care provider to inspect your trees and reshape the look of …read more .

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Many residents love experiencing a perfectly landscaped backyard but have problem trees preventing them from getting the most out of their space. While tree removals are often used to fix this issue, more …read more .

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When it comes to several landscaping aspects, it is almost always best to refer to companies and individuals with customised training in specific …read more .

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It’s a sudden snap, a dangerous break, and a tree limb comes tumbling down. It smacks the ground beside you and shatters into thousands of …read more .

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There was once grass on the ground – lush, green, beautiful grass. It’s gone now, replaced by a blanket of cracked leaves and broken twigs, all crackling …read more .

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A clogged gutter is a messy gutter – and a messy gutter is simply too vile to contemplate. You hate the sticky sensation of leaves, twigs, and tree …read more .

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Within each tree is an intricate series of stems, root systems, and bark cells. Each of these elements weaves together, plucking key nutrients from …read more .

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The branch is a precarious thing. It hangs ominously over your roof, its thin frame threatening to break beneath its too-heavy weight, its leaves drooping dangerously. You stare at it, worried that a simple …read more .

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Something wicked this way comes – in the form of a leaning trunk and over-extended branches. A tree sits crooked on the back of your property, threatening to …read more .

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The tree is an ancient thing, with wilted branches and blackened roots. Its trunk is gnarled with infection, and its buds all wither. There’s no …read more .

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All trees are not created equal. This is the unfortunate truth faced by arborists in Australia. While certain species prove perfect for both …read more .

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You have questions – about the health of a tree sitting in the corner of your garden, about the potential risks it brings, about even the requirements your …read more .

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A tree stands in the middle of your garden. It’s a crooked, crackled thing – its branches bent, its leaves brown. What disturbs you most, however, is the …read more .

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Having trees on your property and near your home is something that can have many, many benefits for you, your family and the surrounding community. In addition to providing shade during the hot months and contributing significantly …read more .

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Once a tree has grown to maturity, it should remain a part of the environment for years to come. The environmental benefits of trees cannot be overstated. Trees are a vital part of our planet due to how they absorb vast amounts of …read more .

When to Call an Arborist about a Tree on Your Ringwood Property

When is it time to call an arborist in Ringwood for help or guidance with a tree on your property? Many homeowners are not familiar enough with what arborists do to know the correct answer to this question, and for good reason …read more .

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While many people are always checking the status and providing maintenance for their electronics or other expensive personal possessions or appliances, few people think about properly taking care of their trees. As a part of nature …read more .

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Australia is known all over the world as an outdoorsy tourist destination. Within our homeland as well, local outdoor enthusiasts travel nationwide to take in the wide variety of natural elements Australia has to offer. Melbourne and …read more .

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It is always a sad day that comes to pass when you have to say goodbye to a beloved tree. But just like all things, their time arrives eventually. It is important when removing a tree for any purpose to be extremely cautious while …read more .

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Is there a tree that you think may be dead or dying in your garden? It is a tree surgeon’s job to solve problems that arise between humans, their property and trees. At Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery, for instance, it is our goal to …read more .

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After years of living in the same home, it’s possible that you will come to love the trees on your property as much as your home itself. Whether it was the tree your children swung from while they were kids or just a tree that’s …read more .

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When you hire a tree surgeon in Ringwood, you need assurances that the person or people you are hiring are fully qualified to perform the job safely and adequately. When you work with Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery, you will get …read more .

The Benefits of Hiring an Arborist in Croydon for Stump Grinding

You’ve recently removed a tree from your backyard, or had one come down in a storm. In any case, the main pieces of the tree have been sawed up and stacked as firewood, or hauled away to be turned into timber or mulch. All that remains of …read more .

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Picture this scenario: a storm blows through your part of town and brings a few big branches or tree limbs tumbling down from some of the taller trees on your property. Luckily, the falling debris missing your home and doesn’t cause any …read more .

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The city of Melbourne—as well as its outlying areas—is heavily populated by beautiful trees. From eucalyptus trees to plane trees and from elms to conifers to oaks, many streets and yards in and around the city are dotted with aesthetically …read more .