Versatile Tree Care and Honest Advice

Trees add value, aesthetic beauty and character to any property, residential or commercial. The benefits that trees provide; from natural shade to environmental perks, are advantages that money simply can’t buy. As such, it is important to give your trees the care, attention and respect that they deserve.

That’s where Down to Earth Tree Care comes into the equation. We are arborists based in the Melbourne area, though we serve clients all around Victoria. Our services include numerous layers of tree care, including tree pruning, tree removal and other facets of tree surgery. Our arborists can remove excessive weight from parts of a tree, reducing the likelihood that it will fall over or lose branches unexpectedly. Whether the tree is a Heritage specimen worth its weight in gold or a simple, modest shade tree in your backyard, our team can help to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Not every tree can be saved, and Down to Earth Tree Care can help you to identify trees that may be dangerous to leave in their environment. Trees that are dead or dying pose risks to people, property and other trees. With this thought in mind, our arborists at Down to Earth Tree Care are consistently training in the latest and safest tactics for tree removal. No matter the tree size and regardless of its location (open or confined), we can take it down in a safe and considerate fashion.

In all cases, our arborists will seek to provide the most accurate and honest advice for tree care, tree pruning, tree removal and more.

Our Products

  • Mulch
  • Firewood –¬†Split/Unsplit
  • Chainsaw Milled Timber