Melbourne Based Company Down to Earth Offers Tree Lopping Services All Over Victoria

Australia is known all over the world as an outdoorsy tourist destination. Within our homeland as well, local outdoor enthusiasts travel nationwide to take in the wide variety of natural elements Australia has to offer. Melbourne and Victoria, on the whole, are particularly noted for our trees. They are such a central part of Melbourne’s culture and heritage that in 2013, the city began assigning e-mail addresses to trees so citizens could report issues that needed the city’s attention, such as the need for tree lopping or other maintenance. The plan unexpectedly backfired when the tree’s addresses received primarily love letters, existential dilemmas, and questions about current events, according to The Atlantic.

While the inboxes of the trees may have become something of an entertaining international joke as well as a testament to the character of Melbourne locals, the issue of tree lopping and maintenance remains substantial. It was an effort to address a potential problem that, while providing an entertaining insight into Melbourne’s personality, ultimately did not aid the issue as initially intended.

Trees Are Important and Require Care

The e-mails received by trees are certainly entertaining. But the ambition of the city in giving trees e-mail addresses in the first place was a well-intentioned effort to address a real issue that remains fixed. If there is anything indicated by the e-mails, it is that the locals of Melbourne do pay attention and care about these beautiful elements of the environment, even if they didn’t take the maintenance aspect entirely seriously. The fact is that tree lopping in Melbourne is necessary to keep this great city the way it is.

Whether on your own plot of land or in a public place, tree lopping is needed to maintain the safety of the citizens of Melbourne. By removing dead or hazardous parts of a tree, we ensure the longevity of the tree’s life as well as reduce the risk of falling or collapsing trees. On top of saving the trees and avoiding potential damage or injury, tree lopping will also have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the trees in Melbourne. By removing the dead or dying parts of a tree, its appearance returns to that of a plant in full bloom.

Only Trust Professionals to Handle Tree Lopping in Melbourne

Considering the urgency of tree care in Melbourne, it is evident that only trusted advisors should be in charge of solving the problem. Down to Earth is a quickly expanding business that is currently in its fourth year of operation. As we now provide tree lopping in Melbourne and the whole of Victoria, it may be time for you to consider providing care for some of the trees on your own property.

While basic tree maintenance requires minimal research to provide, any larger plant will require practiced expertise. Tree lopping has the potential to improve appearance, reduce the risk of injury, and increase the lifespan of your tree. So don’t wait, call today and see if our tree lopping services in Melbourne are right for you.