Our arborists at Down to Earth Tree Care frequently help clients throughout Melbourne with numerous services related to tree care or removal. These services include:


Tree Pruning

Pruning is an important maintenance step for almost any tree. Over time, trees can become exceedingly over weighted in one direction. This excessive weight can increase the risk of a tree losing limbs and branches in a storm or falling over entirely. Thick growth can also lead to increased leaf litter, or block light from reaching the house, yard, garden or patio area. Our arborists at Down to Earth Tree Care can prune these trees to reduce litter, shade and risk of injury or property damage—all without hurting the tree.

Arborist Reports

Superb advice is our top product at Down to Earth Tree Care. Our arborists can inspect and report on any tree in your yard. From evaluating the health of the tree to checking compliance with council requirements, all the way to identifying potential risks, our arborists will compile detailed reports about your trees. We can even deliver tree valuation reports.


Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, the stump remains behind as an unsightly reminder of the beautiful, majestic landmark that used to stand in that spot. Down to Earth offers stump grinding services to remove these reminders from your property. Stump grinding is also a smart safety precaution, as it removes the hazard of someone tripping over a stump.


Tree Removal

Our arborists and surgeons at Down to Earth will always try to save a tree first. However, in some situations, tree removal is required. You might need to clear a section of your property for new construction, or to eliminate a decaying and hazardous tree before it collapses on your house. Tree removal is a dangerous process, but Down to Earth’s arborists are experienced and trained enough to carry out the job in a safe and satisfactory manner.