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It’s a sudden snap, a dangerous break, and a tree limb comes tumbling down. It smacks the ground beside you and shatters into thousands of sharp splinters. Fortunately, none of them find their way to you. Had they landed a few inches to the left, however, the story would’ve ended quite differently… and quite painfully.

Down to Earth stresses the importance of tree pruning in Croydon. Over-extended limbs – with the canopy spread too wide, resulting in a series of thinning branches and unbalanced weights – prove dangerous. They’re prone to cracking, breaking, and (of course) falling, and this may result in severe injuries.

To avoid this, let us provide you with superior tree pruning in Croydon. Our experienced team of arborists will first examine your tree, identifying areas of concern. We’ll then carefully remove all traces of over-extended limbs or dead wood, ensuring that the canopy is properly maintained. This will eliminate chances of sudden breakage and will also protect you – and your family – from harm.

In 2007, La Trobe University published a shocking study about tree-related deaths in Australia, revealing their total to be 11% of all outdoor-specific events. Tree pruning services in Croydon will help to lower – and, hopefully, eliminate – this statistic.

To learn more about the necessity of pruning, as well as how to maintain your trees, contact us today. One of our experienced loppers will happily answer any questions or concerns. Call us on 0-407-561-675.