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The branch is a precarious thing. It hangs ominously over your roof, its thin frame threatening to break beneath its too-heavy weight, its leaves drooping dangerously. You stare at it, worried that a simple breeze will send it crashing into your home. That’s an expense you can’t afford and a worry you don’t need.

Down to Earth suggests contacting us. As the leading providers of tree pruning services in Ringwood, we help each client avoid those impending crashes. Let us assess your situation, identifying the most efficient way to lop, remove, and secure each branch. Our team of qualified arborists will quickly create a custom plan for your needs, and then they’ll implement that plan, giving you the results you deserve and the peace of mind you crave.

Tree pruning services in Ringwood are crucial. A fallen branch proves all too expensive, wrecking rooflines and causing extensive damage. This damage must then be repaired and, according to the Australian Roofing and Building Source, purchasing new materials demands between $140.00 to $165.00 per 100 square feet. This then combines with extensive labour costs, which may total up to $270.00 per 100 square feet.

Don’t let this happen. Choose tree pruning services in Ringwood instead, letting the Down to Earth team protect your home against every dangerous branch. To learn more about our lopping services – as well as our grinding and removal options – contact us today.