Have an Undesirable Species Growing in Your Garden? Contact Down to Earth for all Tree Removal Needs in Greensborough.

All trees are not created equal. This is the unfortunate truth faced by arborists in Australia. While certain species prove perfect for both ecological systems and back-garden aesthetics, others instead wreak havoc – with their weak wood qualities, shallow root systems, and high leaf litter ratios making them unsuitable for homes.

Is such a species growing in your yard? Contact Down to Earth today! We serve as the leading tree removal service in Greensborough, helping each client identify, assess, and remove every potential problem.

What is an Undesirable Species?

An undesirable species, as any tree removal company in Greensborough would explain, negatively impacts the environment or an individual’s property. Its effects may include:

  • Noxious or poisonous buds.
  • High infestation rates.
  • Invasive root systems.
  • Shallow root systems.
  • High breakage rates.
  • High debris rates.

What are the Most Common Undesirable Species?

Some species prove too invasive, triggering a series of harmful effects in every garden. These species include:

  • Acacia saligna (Wattle tree).
  • Paraserianthes lophantha (Cape Wattle tree).
  • Gleditsia triacanthos (Honey Locust tree).
  • Ligustrum lucidum (Large Lead Privet tree).
  • Robinia pseudoacacia (False Acacia tree).

Down to Earth is the leading provider of tree removal services in Greensborough. Our experienced arborists can quickly identify all undesirable species, offering clients efficient solutions to remove, grind, and even mitigate them. We ensure that each task is handled with the greatest of care. To learn more, contact us today!