Hire a Qualified Tree Surgeon in Croydon

Is there a tree that you think may be dead or dying in your garden? It is a tree surgeon’s job to solve problems that arise between humans, their property and trees. At Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery, for instance, it is our goal to do whatever possible to protect you and your property while also preserving the health and valuable environmental ecosystem of your tree.

As tree surgeons in Croydon, we have a commitment to providing the best advice and service in the safest way possible. Unfortunately, the arbour or tree surgery industries are often inundated with unqualified or under-qualified contractors or companies. These entities are not adequately trained to assess the health of a tree, or to prune or remove a tree in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion.

As such, by hiring an unqualified tree surgeon in Croydon, you might risk putting your property in more danger than it would be if the tree were left alone. Inexperienced arborists might also give you inaccurate advice (e.g. suggesting a tree removal when a pruning would do), thereby costing you money that could have been saved with a second opinion.

At Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery, we are happy to provide a second opinion (or a first opinion, for that matter) whenever you need one. Our skilled team of tree surgeons is happy to inspect your trees, diagnose their health and give you the best advice on what to do next. With us, you will never waste money on an unnecessary tree removal or risk avoidable damage to your property.

Are you ready for the help of a better tree surgeon in Croydon? Call us today to schedule a visit, on 0407 561 675.