Avoid Waste, by Choosing Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery as Your Tree Surgeon in Eltham

After years of living in the same home, it’s possible that you will come to love the trees on your property as much as your home itself. Whether it was the tree your children swung from while they were kids or just a tree that’s provided years of aesthetic beauty to your property, you can develop an emotional attachment to trees.

Unfortunately, trees are like any other organism: they can’t live forever. If your favourite tree is dead or decaying, then it might be time to call a tree surgeon in Eltham to remove the tree from your property. After all, it is better to bring the tree down now, on your own terms, than have it come crashing down on your home during a storm.

Even if it is time to say goodbye to your most beloved tree, though, you can still give it a proper send-off by making sure the wood is recycled and used for good purposes. When you choose Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery as your tree surgeon and removalist in Eltham, you can trust that we will do the job as respectfully as possible. We are huge proponents of tree recycling and are happy to help you harvest the wood from your tree for firewood to heat your home, mulch to improve your yard or milled timber for construction purposes.

When it’s time to take down your favourite tree, don’t hire a tree surgeon in Eltham that will waste the wood or just leave the felled tree felled in your yard. Instead, call Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery and let us give your tree another purpose. You can reach us right now, by dialling 0407 561 675.